• This PDF checklist is like a crash course in portfolio building. A list we've compiled over the years of what we are really looking for in a new employee.
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    A journal for building your portfolio and contacts with possible employers. Plan your day, build your portfolio and make smart habits work for your job search.
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    Design Journal

    $7.00 USD
    A simple design journal for all designers. Plan your day, add your thoughts and tasks or use it as a timesheet. Create a system to achieve your goals.
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    Portfolio Journal

    $11.00 USD
    A simple daily journal for designers building their portfolios. Plan your day to help build your best portfolio. Develop habits and stay organized to land your dream job. This journal is similar to the design journal Design Journal but with a few additions and tweaks
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    Portfolio Building Kit

    $57.00 USD
    Our building kit contains the Portfolio Checklist as well as the Advanced Portfolio Journal. Save money, start building. This is our most popular product.


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