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level portfolios

We help designers build next level portfolios to get design jobs they want.

Seriously. We help designers build next level portfolios to get design jobs they want.

You are here because you want your portfolio to be great. Portfolios that are good… don’t land you a job. Only great portfolios get you noticed and your emails answered. There is a way to build a great portfolio. We can show you how. Studio 63‘s design courses are for the beginner design student to the senior designer looking for a change. We can show you how to get organized and more efficient when building your design portfolio.

Portfolio Building Products

Build Habits. Build a portfolio

  • $37.00 USD

    This PDF checklist is like a crash course in portfolio building. A list we’ve compiled over the years of what we are really looking for in a new employee.

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  • $11.00 USD

    59% Off

    A simple daily journal for designers building their portfolios. Plan your day to help build your best portfolio. Develop habits and stay organized to land your dream job. This journal is similar to the design journal Design Journal but with a few additions and tweaks

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  • $297.00 USD

    A portfolio review report. Send us your PDF or website and we’ll send you a written report on what to improve on. What is missing. What is great.

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“Brett was a great to work with and really helped me shape and focus my portfolio and online presence, landing me a great new job”.

Simon, Gatik Ai

“I hope that those of you considering Professor Hooper’s courses take the step, as his guidance will augment your current knowledge base and help you prepare your design tool kit for the industry.”

Adam, Canadian Tire Corporation

“The design journal was a great planning tool that helped me become much more self-aware.”

Vanessa, Student - Carleton University

“Brett’s portfolio development course helped me combine my school projects and work experience to effectively communicate my skills to hiring managers. The program helped me reflect and identify how I wanted to present myself, my skills, and interests. I also learned critical digital tools that allowed me to create my portfolio, and I gained a great deal from Brett’s design experience. Brett is a tremendous teacher who is knowledgeable and supportive and cares greatly about his students’ success.”

Alison, Microsoft

Portfolio Building Kit

If you are about to build your portfolio. This is the best product we have to offer to get you started building a great portfolio to help land that dream job.

Our portfolio building kit includes both our Portfolio Checklist (what we look for when hiring a designer) and our Advanced Portfolio Journal bundled together. You save over $20 with our kit. Regular price is $80.  Now yours for just $57.

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Do you have the right type of portfolio?

Which type of portfolio is best to land a job. Download our Free PDF where we show you the pros and cons of website vs PDF portfolios.

Could your portfolio use a real, honest critique? Maybe you need guidance and help on how to get your projects looking their best. You’ve spent all that money on your degree, why waste it all on a mediocre portfolio.

Portfolio Guidance

Book a consultation. We can help you build a great portfolio or we can help mentor your journey into your design career.

Lets Build

Where our interns and students now work

  • Health Canada
  • NCC

  • Bending Spoons
  • Gatik
  • Umbra
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • TD Bank
  • Road Trek
  • ProSlide

  • Acton

  • Bombardier
  • Dynamic Stainless
  • Fuze
  • Canadian Tire

  • Raven.AI
  • Indigo
  • Huge
  • Digital Mainstreet
  • Femoto Tech
  • Shape Products
  • Pilot

Portfolio Courses

Sign up to be the first to be informed when our courses and new products  are released. See below for what we have planned.

  • Indesign Portfolio Templates
  • Keyshot Tips for Portfolios
  • Solidworks "polishing" for Portfolios

  • Cold Email Writing
  • Linkedin Profile Building
  • And so much more...

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Learn why your emails aren't getting answered by potential employers or design agencies. We occasionally send emails to our subscribers with extra tips and tricks that could help you build a great portolio.

How our portfolio consultations work

Book A Consultation

We aren’t going to lie. A lot of designers ask us to review their portfolios, so we have a waiting list. First come, first serve. Let us know who you are by signing up to our email list.


Email or send us a link to your portfolio. Make sure it isn’t over 25MBs. Make sure you send us your best work to review.


Once we’ve had a chance to look over your portfolio, we’ll contact and set up screen sharing video meeting to help you improve and polish your portfolio.

June 2022
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Check for available spots. Book before someone else takes your spot and has their portfolio ready for the next job posting.

Book a consultation

Book your portfolio consultation by clicking on the calendar dates to see if there are available spots. Have your portfolio built and ready today. Don’t wait for that job posting to appear and not have the confidence in sending your portfolio right away.


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